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Dental Implants and Periodontists in Willbrook


Before we begin to understand dental implants, let’s get to know the meaning of the term periodontics. The term “periodontics” refers to the specialized treatment of dental problems, including infections and swelling of the soft tissues in the mouth, most commonly the gum tissue. Gingivitis, a mild gum infection, and periodontitis, a severe illness, are both terms for gum inflammation. A periodontist assists in maintaining and regenerating the gum tissue. Periodontists can cause infections, gum recession, and foul breath if left untreated. Periodontal disease can occasionally lead to tooth loss. Need an implants periodontist? Reach out to your nearest dentist today.

Getting dental implants:

Previously, the only options for treating tooth loss were to use a bridge to fill in any gaps left by missing teeth or to wear dentures. A bridge is a metal and plastic dental device that attaches to the teeth next to the space left by a missing tooth. A prosthetic tooth would be affixed in order to simulate the presence of a natural tooth. Note that bridges may be permanently affixed or detachable. The detachable types were referred to as “flippers.” Patients frequently choose conventional dentures when numerous teeth are missing, which necessitates the extraction of every tooth on the upper or lower jaw.

Things have changed since then. Now, thanks to dental implants, patients have a far better selection of replacement teeth. Dental implants are exactly what they sound like tools that are anchored permanently into the jawbone. Crowns, bridges, single-tooth replacements, partial dentures, and full dentures can all be supported by implants.

The best part? Since they are permanent and “part” of your jaw, the results are more realistic-looking. They also fit better and make mouth-related activities like speaking and eating feel more like using a real set of teeth.

The procedure:

If you decide that most dental implants are the best option for you after consulting with a periodontist, the procedure is quite simple. An implant body, also known as a titanium post or implant screw, is surgically inserted into your jawbone during the surgery. It resembles a little plug or implant screw. The best material is titanium, which bonds with your natural jawbone.

Final thoughts:

Not just single teeth, but whole or partial dentures can be secured by implants. Therefore, even if you have lost several teeth, implants can still help you have a beautiful smile and a healthier mouth. Need help? A periodontist can assist you in beginning the path to better dental health.

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