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Doggy Day Care – What Happens When You Are Away?


If you are putting your dog in a day care centre or boarding kennel, you might be wondering what exactly happens when you are not around. If you have never taken your pet dog to a boarding facility, they are missing out. Good quality boarding kennels are full of enthusiastic, highly qualified dog handlers. Although most doggy day care centres are different, the majority of them run the same types of activities and services.

Getting to Know Each Other

Dogs love to socialise, they are playful animals who like being around humans and other dogs. When you send them to dog boarding in Sydney, they get the opportunity to mix with trained professionals and other dog breeds. It actually makes your furry friends become more comfortable with others, this is great for when you bring them to the park or on long walks. The best time to start their socialisation is when they are a pup, it exposes them to other people outside of their family circle.

Play Time

One of the main activities in a boarding kennel is play time, any dogs who are staying get time to run around the facility and enjoy the open space. Some doggy day care centres even have swimming pools and lakes for the dogs to take a dip. Others have specially designed play areas for dogs of all ages, giving them the opportunity to get some much-needed exercise during the day.

Running, Jumping & Climbing

Dogs spend lots of time running, jumping, and climbing at day care centres. Dogs are athletic and like to show off their physical prowess to others. If you find a good boarding facility, it will have plenty of space and play equipment for the guests.

Love & Affection

A good day care centre employs staff who love animals, so all of the dogs get more than their share of tummy rubs, hugs, and ear scratches. Your dog will get attention from all the employees in the centre, so they will not miss their owners too much. Doggy day care workers are there because they love dogs.

After your dog is done enjoying exercise and cuddles from the staff, they will be well-fed with nutritious food and have a comfortable kennel to sleep in if they are staying overnight. Your dog gets to relax in a boarding kennel while you enjoy your vacation. They are well taken care of and if an issue arises, the in-house vet will deal with it.

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