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Keeping the Memory of Special People in Your Life by Preserving Them


Death is a hard reality and we understand that no one can stay in this world for eternity. The time that we still have with our loved ones is special and no one wants to lose it. However, when the time comes, there are only memories left with us that can comfort us and can make us happier. Turning the ashes of your loved ones into customized crystals and also in the diamonds is very popular these days and you can get the services of different companies that are brining you these kinds of facilities. You have to send the ashes of your loved ones in special containers to the company and after that, it is their responsibility to turn them and make ashes diamond. You can engrave special words and can chose any color of your choice to keep them with you as an ever-lasting memory. Ashes are refined in a proper way and then the carbon is separated which is used for turning them into a beautiful looking crystal or a diamond.

Refinement of Ashes

There is a dedicated and complete process that companies use in order to convert the ashes extracted from the cremation of body and complete process goes through number of steps. First of all, one of the most important steps is the refinement of ashes. When you consult with the company and they will provide you a complete box in which you have to deliver the ashes of your loved ones and proper care is also important to do in this step so that the ashes should not be damaged. After that, company make sure to refine the ashes and extract the carbon from it because this is the building block of diamond and without it, it cannot be made. It takes time in order to extract the carbon completely from the ashes but eventually it is used in order to turn it into the form of diamond and for that purpose high temperatures are used. It takes almost two weeks in order to make a good quality of diamond and that is no doubt a very great way of keeping the memory of your loved ones closer to you.

Memorial Diamonds

There are specially made crystals and diamond designs that you will definitely like and they are perfect in order to preserve the memory of your loved ones. There are also different colors options available in these memorial diamonds and jewels and you can customize them by adding the favorite colors of the deceased and you can engrave special messages or quotes that you will like and feel special about. The complete process of converting ashes to jewels is very smooth and easy and you are also an active part of it because you get to choose the size of diamond and also you can provide your own suggestions regarding the final product. They are no doubt a very best option for you to keep the memory fresh in your mind and showing your love and affection towards them still when they are not in your life anymore.

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