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The Value of Studying at an International School


Choosing a school for your kids can be a challenging process. You want them to get the best possible education, so finding the right school is important. If you are based in Thailand and you are considering your options, there are many benefits to choosing an international school education over the rest. Here are just some of the merits associated with an international school education.

Internationally Recognised Curriculum

Your child will benefit massively from receiving an education at an international school because the curriculum will be recognised all over the world. If you end up moving to another country, your kids will have no issues as an international school education is accepted in places such as the US, UK, Singapore, and Australia.

This is one of the main reasons why parents and expats choose to put their kids in Basis International School in Bangkok.  The transition from your native country to your new home is made a lot easier when you enrol in any international school.

Diverse Population

International schools tend to be more diverse than public or private schools. Your child will be surrounded by multiculturism as there will be students from countries all over the world. Such a rich environment helps students to understand other cultures, learn new languages, and spark interest in unique traditions.

Multiple Languages

Another great reason to choose an international school education is languages and your child’s access to them. Unlike public or private schools, international school’s offer access to a long list of language courses. There will be a chance to learn a new language or even continue to study your native tongue. Furthermore, international schools focus on hiring native speakers which makes the course more authentic.

Great Facilities

In addition to having an excellent curriculum, international schools also invest heavily in their campus. You will find top of the range facilities in an international school as they only want what is best for their students and teachers. At a good international school, your child will be able to utilise a variety of modern facilities, including outdoor learning and play areas, athletics facilities, libraries, labs, and more.

As you can see, there are many good reasons to opt for an international school over other options. Although they are pricey compared to other schools, your child will have access to great teachers, modern facilities, an international curriculum, and programmes that supplement core subjects.

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