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Tighten Your Loose Skin With Thermage Treatment


Youth is a blissful period when we enjoy having firm and tight skin. However, as we grow old, our skin is not able to fight the damaging effects of gravity and ultimately starts losing its elasticity. As a result, we start experiencing sagging skin issues in various parts of the body. There are many solutions for tightening the skin, both surgical and non-surgical of which the latter is more popular for being a non-invasive and painless method.

Non-invasive skin tightening treatment

Thermage is an amazing non-invasive treatment that is an excellent technique to smoothen and tighten your skin. This treatment involves no surgery or injections but uses radiofrequency waves to heat the skin’s deepest layers while keeping the patient comfortable. The skin contracts due to the heat, which makes the water molecules to separate from the collagen. This causes the skin to produce new collagen, which helps to tighten the skin and make it appear firmer and younger.

Where to get the skin firmness treatment?

Retens has the best medical aesthetic team with profound professional knowledge offering efficient and safe services with high-end technology for a complete range of skin care treatments. This medical aesthetic centre is located in Tsim Sha Tsui, Hongkong with 6,000 square foot treatment rooms that have a beautiful and warm environment flooded with lights and natural views. Retens offers the latest generation of Thermage FLX, an advanced skin tightening treatment that can treat wrinkles and make the skin firmer in just one treatment. Book an appointment with Retens to regain youthful skin easily with just one course of treatment.

Treating body parts with skin-sagging issues

Apart from the face, there are various parts of our body like our thighs, knees, and abdomen where the skin gets weakened and starts sagging. All these body parts can be treated with radiofrequency energy so that your skin becomes firm and the wrinkles can be reduced.


Whether it is a double chin, the jawline, drooping corners of the mouth, or improving the wrinkles around the eyes, the latest treatment that uses radiofrequency energy is the best method that tightens facial skin. The heat targets the specific area without disturbing the surrounding facial tissues and stimulates collagen. Thermage treatment is currently the only safe and reliable treatment approved by the FDA that is suitable for the thin skin around the eye and improves the upper eyelids and fine lines around the eyes.

The abdomen

Weight loss is one of the main reasons for your abdominal skin to lose its elasticity and sag. The latest radiofrequency treatment can get you firm abdominal skin.

The thighs

The skin around the thighs sags or weakens due to the accumulation of cellulite, which results in the appearance of wrinkles. The radiofrequency method triggers healthy collagen growth and makes the thigh skin firmer and tighter.

The knees

Your knees are most likely to have sagging spots and wrinkled skin which can again be reduced by non-invasive ultra rays.

There could be no better option than treating your sagging skin in a non-invasive and gentle manner. The treatment is quite comfortable with fast results that are likely to last for at least one or more years.

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