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Tooth Sensitivity- Causes and Treatments


Imagine buying your favorite ice cream from a stall, and the moment you take a bite, instead of joy and sweetness, you feel an unbearable pain that has made you afraid to eat your favorite ice cream again. Tooth sensitivity can take you from happiness to pain. If you want to be relieved by it, a dentist in Union City, GA, is considered an expert. In this blog, you will learn what makes our teeth sensitive and what treatments we can consider.

Tooth sensitivity causes:

  • Tooth decay

If there are cavities in your teeth and you have not dealt with them, they will reach in-depth into your teeth and start affecting your nerves, which, as a result, causes severe sensitivity. And it hurts a lot.

  • Acidic erosion

Acidic erosion is also known as enamel erosion. Intake of acidic drinks like sports drinks, sodas, or Coca-Cola can cause enamel to wear off and make its underneath vulnerable, leading to sensitivity.

  • Smoking 

Smoking is injurious to health. But smoking is also injurious to our oral health because nicotine intake can increase plaque, which will also increase the chance of gum recession. Do not ignore bad breath, either. This also leads to tooth sensitivity.


  • Proper oral health care

Proper oral health care is essential because it will prevent all kinds of infections and diseases. Brush your teeth twice a day; do not forget to floss.

Drink plenty of water and use toothpaste with potassium nitrate, like Sensodyne. It will help reduce sensitivity.

  • Fluoride treatments

In fluoride treatments, dental seals and resins are applied to your teeth. This will protect your teeth from acidic drinks, sugary beverages, and oral bacteria attacks. In addition, it will make your teeth stronger and more dense. It will reduce the sensitivity of your teeth.

  • Dental check-ups

Schedule a proper routine of dental check-ups with your dentist. Let them examine your oral hygiene or whatever check-ups they will do. After that, ensure you listen properly to all their guidance and “do’s and do not’s“ and follow all the instructions. Also, let them schedule a diet plan for you; it will help with your oral health care.

  • Root canal therapy

Sometimes, teeth whitening therapy can make your enamel vulnerable, which leads to sensitivity. A mouth infection can damage your nerves and tissues, and all damaged tissues should be removed. The root canal is the solution. Hence, it will reduce sensitivity. 

Call your dentist today!

If you want to enjoy all your favorite things without feeling the pain of sensitivity, get in touch with your dentist. 

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