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Tremors and Shakes Related to Alcohol: Things to Know


If you are already a heavy drinking person, it is time to think about yourself. In many cases people do not even understand that they have become addicted to something. When it comes to alcohol, it is true that the drinks have some good effects on body. But that is only for moderate drinking. Heavy drinking does not provide any benefits except getting addicted and health hazards including heart problems. It is now almost known to most people that alcohol in large amount harms the liver and heart. If it is accompanied with some other addictive substance, the result can even be fatal. One might think that he or she is still on the right track while actually being addicted to liquor. The fact is that the person might be unaware of the things going inside. Shakes and tremors can be a sign of alcohol addiction.

Alcohol Tremor and Shakes

Alcohol gets into the bloodstream quite quickly and reaches the brain just to show its effects. Then it starts to interfere with mood regulating brain chemicals providing a relaxed cheerful effect. More drinking exerts more effect. Almost after 8 hours, the effects of alcohol start to wear off. The chemicals that were not in effect till now, are now hyperactive. There is flush of chemicals in the brain and that is why a body part or the whole body can feel the shakes or tremors. People who do not consider themselves as addicts, might be misusing alcohol causing the alcohol shakes.

The tremors and shakes can also be a part of withdrawal symptoms. It is necessary to get medical help to deal properly with alcohol withdrawal. Proper medicines and rehabilitation can help one to get out of addiction and lead a healthier life without alcohol.

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