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Unique Benefits of Using Baby Lotion


New parents understand the numerous decisions that come with welcoming a little one into the world. Many of these come up, inconveniently enough, when you are scouting the aisles of the supermarket for baby products. Baby soap, baby shampoo, head-to-toe wash, massage oil, baby cream, baby lotion, diaper rash cream, wipes, baby formulae, diapers – the list is endless and so are the choices. All these choices become easier, however, when we start to realize that each of these products is meant to nourish and protect our little ones. Even the most ubiquitous of baby products, the baby lotion, brings with it a multitude of benefits.

Hydrates the Skin – The baby skin is much thinner than an adult’s skin and this is possibly why it tends to lose hydration. The baby’s skin tends to go dry and flaky and is in constant need of hydration. This makes the baby lotion also your best baby product.

Helps Nourish the Skin – The best all-natural baby lotion that you can choose is also one that comes with all organic ingredients such as organic Shea Butter and natural vitamins. Not only do these ingredients help to restore the moisture of the delicate infant skin, they also help nourish the growing baby’s skin.

Helps Soothe Irritation – Most good baby lotions contain natural soothers such as organic aloe vera. These help in combating most irritations, rashes, scrapes, and bruises. Babies have very delicate skins which tend to break out in rashes or bruise easily. A good baby lotion goes a long way in helping restore the skin health of your baby.

Protects from Environmental Damage – A baby’s skin is quite unlike that of an adult. Even regular environmental damage from air, dust, and hard water may cause much damage to the skin. Certified organic baby lotion can help protect the baby’s skin from such environmental damage.

Things to look out for while shopping for a baby lotion?

Like most other skin-care products for babies, it is best to opt for certified organic baby lotion. This gives an assurance that it is an all-natural baby moisturiser without toxins such as parabens, mineral oils, silicones, phthalates, or chemical fragrances and colours. The best or easiest way to pick out such a product is to opt for one that comes with a COSMOS ORGANIC certification by ECOCERT GREENLIFE according to COSMOS standards. Indian baby lotions such as goodness.mes Certified Organic Baby Lotion come with this certification and are super-safe for your little one.

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