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What is a Lightweight Bike?


Unless you have a passion for cycling, you might not realize that lightweight bikes are a common topic of discussion in the cycling world. In fact, most avid cyclers will want a bike that is as light as possible. According to the experts at Woom, lightweight bikes for kids are also a good idea. But what is a lightweight bike, and why do cyclists think they are so important?

What is Meant by a Lightweight Bike?

All bikes were once made from cheaper, heavy steel.Indeed, some are still made this way today but for those who love to cycle, a lighter bike is better for a variety of reasons. But at what point is a bike classed as lightweight?

Opinions vary on this, but many say that around 20lb is classed as a lightweight bike. Some bikes are much lighter, although the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), the world governing body for sports cycling, states that bikes must be a minimum of 6.8kg (14.99lb) for any elite race.

Why Does a Light Bike Matter?

For racing purposes, the lighter the bike, the faster it goes, but when it comes to everyday cycling, lightweight bikes are preferable too. Even if you are not into competitive cycling, you will see the benefits of a lightweight bike in terms of your personal performance.

Think about it. Whether you are riding for fun or to get to a specific destination, you will need to work much harder on a heavier bike. A light bike provides a much more comfortable ride and requires much less energy to move each time you stop. In short, a lightweight bike will help you accelerate faster and climb better. Furthermore, you will enjoy riding a lighter bike much more than a heavier one.

Are Lightweight Bikes Worth the Money?

The thing about lightweight bikes is that they are quite expensive. But are they worth the cost? For the competitive athlete, a really expensive super lightweight bike is definitely worth the money for the few seconds it can save.Nonetheless, is it the same for a cycling enthusiast who will never compete in the sport?

Well, the answer really depends on how much you love cycling and what your budget is. There is no doubting the fact that lighter bikes are easier to ride and much more comfortable, but there is no point in spending tens of thousands of dollars on a bike to just ride it around town or to get you to and from work. Thankfully, you don’t have to. Some lightweight bikes are actually available for a few hundred dollars.

While spending thousands on a super lightweight bike does not make sense for non-athletes, spending a bit extra for a lightweight bike does, especially when you consider that the cheapest bikes are usually the heaviest.

Should a Kids Bike be Lightweight?

Lightweight bikes are not just for adults, though. In fact, lightweight bikes for kids have become much more popular these days, and there are good reasons for this. Just as heavy bikes can be a tough ride for adults, so too can they be for young children, especially those just learning to cycle.

A lighter bike makes it easier for the child to get on and off as well as to pick the bike up from the ground. It also provides better handling and steering and means the child has to exert less energy to move it, resulting in a much more fun and comfortable ride.

To conclude, lightweight bikes may be more expensive to buy, but the cost does mean a better ride. It is up to you to decide if it is worth paying that extra.

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