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What Is Spreading Human Ashes Called?


A lesser number of American families are opting for traditional burial. A study shows that less than fifty percent of folks bury their lost ones the “usual” way.

Instead, cremation has become more popular. But after the cremation, what next? Some preserve the remains of the beloved in an urn; others go the route of scattering ash.

What is ash scattering called?

No one term is used to describe scattering human ashes. It’s that simple. But it is called different things depending on the method used to scatter the ashes.


This is scattering human ashes in the air and allowing the wind to carry them. This is usually done in sea burials. The ashes are carried to the sea and cast from a boat or aircraft.


This method of scattering human ashes involves digging trenches and then spreading human ashes in them. It’s common when the ashes are to be scattered on the ground. For instance, a trench can be dug around a former home and the ashes spread there.


This is mixing the ashes and the soil. The mixing is done with a rake, hence the name raking. This method of human ash scattering can be done on farmland or in gardens.

Where you can spread human ashes

On your property

You are free to spread human ashes anywhere on your property. If someone else lives on your property, you should inform them before spreading ashes. Some people may not be comfortable with the idea.

In public places

In public places like parks and stadiums, you are allowed to spread human ashes as long as you get a permit. You must also keep to the rules concerning ash scattering. You can spread ashes in forests and woods without permission but avoid common trails and paths.

At sea

Burials at sea are profound and romantic events. Being surrounded by water helps the occasion. However, for environmental reasons, you must keep to EPA guidelines concerning sea burials. These include scattering ashes at least 3 miles from shore, using a boat or aircraft, and making sure that only biodegradable items get in the water.

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